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A sacred space of business + wellness support for female leaders and entrepreneurs

Be Well Beautiful Woman is a sacred space where women can receive wellness and business support. The organization provides business planning, executive coaching, training, and retreats designed exclusively with women in mind. The Be Well Beautiful Woman events are created to get you in touch with people who can support you, that are willing to mentor you, and who are willing to help to give you a leg up in business; all while providing you with resources to focus on self care. 

Founder, Demarra West, wants to help women know they have a place in wellness and that the practice is a birthright.  “It’s the foundation by which we build on so that we can live vital lives across our lifespan,” she has shared. West believes wellness is the key to being a better businesswoman, partner, and mother. When you do the “deep internal work that wellness requires” you become a better human. “I think many of us die never uncovering all we were created to be, and so I want to help to create a pathway for us to be everything that we were created to be,” West shared. 


Demarra West

Demarra West


Demarra West has been a successful entrepreneur since 2008 and has helped countless individuals and businesses to function at their optimal best. Her areas of expertise include start ups, strategy, leadership and organizational development, and diversity, inclusion, and equity. She has led many successful ventures (for-profit and nonprofit) while guiding others to successfully launch their businesses. Her business success has allowed her to travel all over the world, encompassing six continents. Demarra holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health from Western Michigan University, is a certified professional coach, and fully licensed therapist. She currently serves as faculty for Leadership That Works-a national and international coaching firm. Demarra lives in Kalamazoo, MI with her daughter.

Taking Care of YOU,

Taking Care of BusinesS

We invite female entrepreneurs, mid level managers, senior leaders, and anyone interested in improving their work/life balance to unwind, rejuvenate, explore new wellness practices, and build lasting relationships with like minded women.

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