I Lead With Purpose

Exploring Key Principles That Will Unlock Your Leadership Hustle


Are you looking to find your true passion? Do you want to grow your leadership skills? Are you a non-profit or for-profit organization looking to grow, have a desire for greater work fulfillment, or want to increase your social impact?

Maybe you are an aspiring, or novice entrepreneur, a leader looking for a career change? What about being a for-profit organization wanting to adopt the entrepreneurship lens?
If this sounds like you, sign up now for our 3 day program to unlock your leadership hustle! Seats are limited!

We have two options available for you to pick from:

Option 1:

Our first option is attending the 3 month training only. If you think you have your leadership skills on the right track, but need a refresh to elevate you to that next level, then this may the option for you!

Option 2:

Our second option is attending the 3 month training AND getting 3 coaching sessions with our facilitator. If you know you want to elevate your leadership skills to the next level, but want a little extra support, then this option may right for you!

Taking Care of YOU,

Taking Care of BusinesS

We invite female entrepreneurs, mid level managers, senior leaders, and anyone interested in improving their work/life balance to unwind, rejuvenate, explore new wellness practices, and build lasting relationships with like minded women.

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